Backass Playground Bullshit

by Catfish Phillips

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Recorded at Workhorse Studio in lovely Griswold, CT by the legendary Skobie Won


released October 23, 2010

Catfish Phillips, Skobie Won, Leroy "Bluesdog" Falconi



all rights reserved


Catfish Phillips

Catfish Phillips provides you with a unique blend of Reggae, Rock and Hip Hop. We hope you all enjoy.

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Track Name: 42
Aint got no reason, got 42 ryhmes and to answer your question no I don't got the time.
Its always 420 inside of my mind, so less talking homeboy just roll up that kind.
See these 2 fists man you'll never see em fly, got beef with me let's take it on the mic.
Best step off like you're getting off a stool and you don't need my assistance to make yourself look like a fool.

*And all of the strings are broken on my guitar. Yet I still find a way to rock the open mic at your, local bar.
Maybe I'm too high to realize, I just thought by now this would be legalized

When I'm pissed off ya hear something like this, I got a problem and I don't wanna deal with it.
I use my mind and my fingers, not my fist, no gun in my pocket just a guitar pick.
Right next to my prerolled spliff, left next to my yellowe bic.
I take all 3 out that's how I deal with the shit.

Track Name: Ebb-n-Flow
We got ya 4 times, it helps me with my ryhmes when i hear 1, 2, 3, 4 counting off my time.
we got ya 3 times, one for each hole and we're bringing you some funky reggae, rock and roll
we got ya 2 times as a minimum requirement, and time spent jamming in time well spent
we got you 1 time, and this times from the top, when you hear no guitar you know we let shit drop and...

*ya we aint got everything but we got the ebb-n-flow, the ebb and flow

we got ya 1 time, its more than you expected, we came to get you off you feet, to get you resurected
we got ya 2 times, now we're talking doubles, i hope you dig this tune like a muthafucking shovel
and we got ya 3 times, tequila and limes, take a sip from your cup if youre here to have a good time
we got ya 4 times and for the last time it goes...


**ya we aint got everything but we got boats and hoes, boats and hoes
ya we aint got everything but we got spikey armidillos, spikey armidillos!

Track Name: Totes McGotes
catfish phillips ya we earned the reputation, behind each show in a circle blazing. 15 minutes right before we play we're in the parking lot, getting blazed. show up here thats how its gonna be, roll up to the bar we smell like weed. i sit next to you its all you can smell, look in my eyes and its easy to tell.

*That im totally stoned, yes im totally stoned.

I'm stoned like i looked in Madussa's eyes cause the blunts we roll only come in one sized, extra large we love them fatties, blunts so big that they need caddies
Ya need blowtorch just to light the end and when the smoke hits the air we got millions of friends, sure i'll let you hit even tho you brought no grass, but ya better not fuck up my puff puff pass
Track Name: New #1 ft. Skobie Won
I'm flippin trippin ya I'm sippin on something that you wishin. You didn't leave in the fridge that was in my kitchen.
Cause if you leave it there, then its only fair, I make the beverage disapear, UH! Right into thin air.
A level 13 dragon slayer, a coupon saver, skin flute player.
And I will make sure that I savor everyday on this earth until I meet my maker

*Shitty basslines shitty up strokes nothing more, look who's laughing now because I got your girl.
This goes out to our #1 fan, oh ya my man what was the name of your band?

This was our first track, but I wrote a new rap, something that makes you wanna take a step back. And give yourself just a little bit of dancing room, you bring the shakalaka and we will provide the boom.
If it was up to us there'd be no charge at the door, but recording music cost the arms and legs of us 4.
But we appreciate more than you ever know, the fact that you paid and came out to see our show of...


**I said no, we won't go, we came to party drink fight fuck you know. No we won't go, we let the bassline, we let the bassline. No, we won't go, we came to party drink fight fuck you no. No we won't go, we let the bassline drop ya real slow.

Track Name: Jimmy Needs A New Seat
We're brining you a new tune and its steady this time. Its only been a month so we're still not in our prime. We're working on our music, I'm polishing my ryhmes. Give us 2 months you know we'll sounds so kinds. We're in it for the long haul, we didn't come here to brawl. Unless you touch my lady, your gonna have to fall. Catfish Phillips with no plans to disapear, and we ain't going home we're staying right here

*You want that funky music, come and talk to me. We'll play at your party and we'll play for free. Maybe a case of beer, a bag of weed. And any donations... My man jimmy needs a new seat.

We're playing over here and the pong's over there. The people in the middle are dancing to the snare. They got they're hands in the air like they just don't care. I see some blunts, they're blowing smoke in the air. HA! That's what I'm talking about, I'm always high without a doubt, after the show, we're gonna have a smoke-out, fuck it why wait, take it out while we play, light it up and take a puff and pass it to the stage.